Toy Buying: Kid-friendly Is The Best

Child prefers building blocks ... ... Children's toy in the eyes of the world, people tend to do. In fact, it is not difficult to want to know what toys do kids like, the key is that the parents have to buy toys from a children's perspective.

Standing in the child view toys parents, just spend a couple of days, will be able to understand the child's true preferences. First of all existing home toys are divided into three categories: the first category is the toys children play every day for more than 10 minutes; the second was a child playing alone cannot, need to meet a partner or parent toys, such as building blocks, puzzles and other third children have no interest in, or playing for a while and then do not touch the toys. Parents keep track of kids interested in toys, toys piled up all together in the next few days to observe the child's choices as before, identify children toy categories, like. Know what toys do children like parents look natural to know where we are.