Skateboarding Beware Of Children Accidental Injury

Nowadays, the scooter has become the key attractions for children, increased child skateboarders, exercise is also vulnerable to accidental injury. For nearly two weeks, playing only the third people's Hospital of Jinan City Scooter falls more than more than 10 children. When skateboarding reminded everyone in, to wear knee pads, wrist guards, helmets and other sports venues to try to choose a flat ground without gullies and obstacles.

Lives in licheng Kiki likes to skateboard, but a few days ago slipped and fell and hurt his left elbow and immediately feel the wound pain, unable to move, when the family was sent to the city hospital, examination revealed a left humeral lateral condyle fracture fixation only, are still in hospital for treatment. Coincidentally, now 9 years old, cold is also caused by skateboarding left distal ulna fracture and dislocation in reduction due to activity, and had further surgery to fix.