Shanghai Children Aged 3-6 Is Only 20% Per Day Exercise, Favorite Bikes And Scooters

On the children's exercise habits, most of the children were showing an interest in sporting activities. Sports don't interest children, boys 3%, girls account for only 2.9%. But because of site and parent company limited, most children can only ensure the Park Sports 1-2 times a week, only 20.55% of daily physical activity, including 23.6% boys, girls 17.5%, almost no outside sports activities children and close to 10%, which the boy is 7.1%, the girl is 5.1%.

Mainly engaged in the type of sport, most young children choose to bicycle or scooter, so in boys and girls, followed by running. Chen Jinjin explained, in line with the characteristics of children's life environment in Shanghai. Venue choice, Park and community is the first choice for most parents, Chin Chin Chan warned that parents should pay attention to traffic safety of the community and the Park, to avoid possible accidental injury.