Scooter To Ignore Hidden

Believe that the general public is no stranger to Scooter, watch children around, and almost everyone a scooter, even the author just kindergarten little nephew, are clamoring to have their parents to buy a car. As a result, residential roads, horse Street sidewalks, trails in the Park, even on a busy motorway, also found children riding skateboards quickly figure. According to relevant information, Scooter can reach speeds of 20 km/h. This is a very fast speed, not to mention on the motorway to traffic accidents, skateboarding would not talk about the consequences of kids fall alone are likely to bump into, that is a very serious problem.

Child health experts said is not suitable for children under 8 years old skateboard car. Children's bodies are in a critical period of development, if the long-term play scooter appears the leg muscles are overdeveloped, influence height growth. In addition, the skateboard car waist, knees, ankles, needs to support the body, these sites are very vulnerable.

So I hope that intentionally buying scooters to the child by the parents, to children's safety, please select a different toy, especially small children, do not buy. And those who have already purchased the scooter's parents, please take custody of dangerous behavior and teach them to be in the right place, safe use of scooters entertainment.