Scooter Quality Hidden Trouble Of Quality And Technical Supervision Departments: Choose Carefully

Toy scooters, also known as Scooter, is for body weight does not exceed 50KG rides for children play a simple labor-saving machinery, by the children's favorite. But because of the sport quickly, if used improperly or unreasonable design of the structure, are prone to accidents. Reporters saw in XI ' an eastern suburb in a wholesale market, many children with this type of scooter sales in the toy store, the price ranges from dozens of hundreds of. This scooter for countries not compulsory 3C certification, but reporters noted that don't even have a product certification on the part of the scooter.

So when you buy need to be cautious. First look at product related identification is complete, including factory site of plant inspection certificate is incorrect security warning message. Second according to the child's weight age suitable for Scooter, now the Internet industry is very well developed consumer can query over the network in a timely manner information about the manufacturer, through the above measures can guarantee consumers a choice of secure and practical scooter.