Multi Scooter The Difference Between A Scooter

Multi Scooter The difference between a scooter

What is the difference between an adult scooter and a children's scooter? The average adult scooters are often seen on the streets of foreign countries, especially in Europe and the United States, and some stars often have some of their children playing skateboard cars video. So adult scooters in foreign market is much larger, on the one hand, the foreigners comparison pay attention to green travel, or exercise, sometimes on cultivation and the child's feelings and devoted to the child's interest, this is to share the happiness. So, in foreign countries, adult scooters are almost as popular as children's scooters. People don't think of scooters as children's toys, but they do play a role as a stepping tool.

In recent years, some major cities in China, especially Beijing, Shanghai and guangzhou, have changed their minds rapidly, so the market for adult scooters has grown rapidly. Some young people are willing to try scooters, or do some cool displays. What is the difference between the adult scooter and the children's scooter? This article is mainly from the following perspectives.

1. Appearance. The appearance of adult skateboard car is generally very concise, strive for the atmosphere is decent. Children's scooter general appearance color is very bright, most will post many cartoon stickers or cartoon figures, can match a few small items, such as bells, damping spring, music, flashing round these, and a lot of adult scooter don't like this kind of configuration.

2. Bearing weight. Weight was higher than that of underweight children and adults in so adult scooter is a very important part of bearing capacity, especially in the processing of the pedal position, general steel plate thickening reinforcement, to ensure greater capacity. Children's scooters generally carry less weight, after all children are much smaller.

3. Height. Normally, the height of the scooter is adjustable, and there are usually three or four gears that can be adjusted. But the adjustment height of the adult scooter is relatively high, the distance between each file is larger. Children's scooters can be slightly smaller, with smaller distances between each gear. But basically adult scooters adjust to the lowest, some children can also use.


1. High quality dual damping system: before and after the excellent shock absorber system, the vibration can be reduced while driving on the uneven road surface, cushioning the turbulence

2. Good gliding performance: large wheel and precision accessories are used, and the gliding distance is relatively easy

3. Eu quality standard: mainly exported to Europe

Foldable design: easy to carry, save space, easy to operate

5. Adjustable height design: height can be adjusted

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