Multi Scooter Structural Appearance

Multi Scooter Structural appearance

The difference between multi-purpose scooters and scooters

        Multi-function scooter and scooter the same point:

        1, multi-purpose scooters and scooters are all a sporting goods, are to rely on the body's physical movement to complete the taxi.

        2, multi-functional scooters and scooters for the application of similar groups, are mainly children, adults, no, of which more adults in foreign countries to play in the country is generally based on children.

        Multi-functional scooters and scooters are wheeled, multi-purpose scooters and scooters different points:

        1, multi-purpose scooter and scooter structure of different shapes, multi-function scooters have two pedals, one foot a pedal, through the opening and closing of the two feet to promote the car forward. Scooter has only one pedal.

        2, multi-purpose scooter and scooter movement principle is not the same. Multipurpose scooter is a continuous combination of legs on the back of the car so that the steering wheel below the rolling forward. The scooter is a foot standing on the pedal, pushing the other side of the ground to slide forward.

        3, multi-functional scooter and scooter movement speed is different. Often, the multi-function scooter is faster than the scooter. Can reach 40 km / h.

        4, multi-functional scooter and scooter entertainment is different, multi-purpose scooter entertainment is greater than the scooter, playability is strong.

        5, multi-purpose scooter and scooter different areas. Multi-function scooter is also a kind of scooter, at first, the traditional scooter is two wheels of the scooter, and later evolved to increase the stability of the car, slowly evolved out of the three wheels of the scooter. Some people are accustomed to multi-functional scooters called three-wheel scooters, frog-style scooters and so on.

 Children scooter safety common sense riding scooters 7 major safety precautions

        Jump on the scooter, the wind whistled from the ear blowing, in the speed or rotation or jump, experience the feeling of freedom of movement. Now, on the square, the park, following the heat of the square after the roller skating, high speed taxi, turned, light jump, so skateboarding nowadays the most popular set of skills and entertainment in one of the fashion leisure sports. Although the skateboard fun and exciting, but the players should pay special attention to, because the scooter body flexibility, the player is easy to lose balance and fall. So the safety of skateboards need to keep in mind!