Multi Scooter Stability

Multi Scooter stability

Every detail reflects the humanistic care of the consumer. Only the right to choose and choose the appropriate play, can guarantee security. How to buy frog car, the main attention to the following aspects:

1, flexibility: the selection can be the first trial, the test riding, turning the flexibility of manipulation, the design is too old models may have this flaw.

2, brake brake: brake set at the top of the rear wheel, buy a pedal with a pedal, check the brake is free, and play the best with the correct posture.

3, stability: standing on the frog car above, should have a very good stability, riding is the same, should have the flexibility and stability of the unity.

4, taillights: new frog car in the wheels and wheels on the baffle have red or green taillights, can greatly improve the safety of night driving.

5, the wheel: the wheel multi-purpose PU shock absorber manufacturing, if the number of times is not too much (about 1 week twice), the best for every six months, such as frequent use (about 5 times a week), the best every March To change the wheel.

6, handrails: sponge may have shock effect, and there are sweat anti-skid function, poor handrails sponge more easily damaged.

7, pedal: poor frog car pedal can bear the weight of small, adults will be bent on a pedal, pedal bending enough to affect the whole frog car structure, so that the player can not be handy or even dangerous, and the general safety pedal Bear the weight of 110 kg. The difference between multi-function scooters and scooters

Multi-function scooter and scooter the same point:

1, multi-purpose scooters and scooters are all a sporting goods, are to rely on the body of the logistics movement to complete the taxi.

2, multi-purpose scooter and scooter for similar groups, are mainly children, adults, no, of which more adults in foreign countries to play in the country is generally based on children.

Multi-functional scooters and scooters are all wheeled, multi-purpose scooters and scooters different points:

1, multi-functional scooter and scooter structure of different shapes, multi-functional scooters have two pedals, one foot on a pedal, through the opening and closing of the two feet to promote the car forward. Scooter has only one pedal.

2, multi-functional scooter and scooter movement principle is not the same. Multi-function scooter is a combination of repeated legs on the joint so that the car under the steering wheel forward rolling. The scooter is one foot standing on the pedal and pushing the ground forward by the other foot.

3, multi-functional scooter and scooter movement speed is different. Often, the multi-function scooter is faster than the scooter. Can reach 40 km / h.

4, multi-functional scooter and scooter entertainment is different from the multi-purpose scooter entertainment is greater than the scooter, playability is strong.

5, multi-purpose scooter and scooter different areas. Multi-function scooter is also a kind of scooter, at first, the traditional scooter is two wheels of the scooter, and later evolved to increase the stability of the car, slowly evolved out of the three wheels of the scooter. Some people are accustomed to multi-functional scooters called three-wheel scooters, frog-style scooters and so on.