Multi Scooter Scooter Market

Multi Scooter Scooter market

What is the difference between an adult scooter and a children's scooter? General adult scooters in foreign countries, especially in Europe and the United States on the street often see, there are some stars often exposed some children to play with scooter video. So adult skateboarders in foreign markets to be much larger, on the one hand foreigners pay more attention to green travel, or exercise, and sometimes will focus on training and children's feelings into the child's hobby to go, this is to share happiness. So, in foreign countries, adult scooters and children scooters almost as popular, people do not take the scooter as a child's toys, and it does play a role in the tool.

In recent years, some of the major cities in China, especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou these places, people's thinking changes fast, so adult scooter market growth is very fast. Some young people are willing to try to use scooters to travel, or do some cool show. So what is the difference between adult scooters and children's scooters? This article mainly from the following points of view.

1, appearance. Adult scooter appearance is generally very simple, and strive to the atmosphere properly. Children's skateboards are generally very bright colors, most will paste a lot of pass or cartoon image stickers, will be equipped with some small objects are more, such as bells, shock absorbers, music, flash wheel these, and adult scooters are often Do not like this configuration.

2, load-bearing. General adult weight is higher than the weight of children, so the adult scooter bearing capacity is a very important part, especially in the pedal parts of the treatment, the general steel plate will be thickened to ensure a greater load. Children's scooters generally bear a small load, after all, children are much smaller.

3, height. Generally the height of the scooter can be adjusted, usually 3-4 times the height can be adjusted. But the height of the adult scooter adjustment is much higher, the distance between each file interval is larger. Children scooters adjustable height will be smaller, the distance between each file is too small. But basically adult scooters adjusted to the lowest, some children can also use.

4, brand. Adult scooters currently relatively small domestic brands, the most famous brands such as, Senbao Di, Dillon these three brands. Children's scooters are a lot of very famous brands.

Children's bike is the last two years to develop new products, just started to export-oriented, very few in the domestic sales. The last year began to appear in some places in the country, so the exposure is very small, many parents and children do not know there is such a scooter, so in the square to see playing treadmill children still very little. But not with the table children do not like. After a number of public occasions in the test and field experience, concerned about and experience the dual scooters of the child is still quite a lot. On the one hand because it is novel, there is a double tread ride is very simple, the speed is relatively slow, so play more secure, some children like to play this car.