Multi Scooter In Progress

Multi Scooter In progress

Analysis of nine skills to play multi - functional scooter

1, people and board separate jump

   Slide forward. In the process of moving forward, feet close to each other. The feet are placed in the first half of the multi-functional scooter, but after the front wheel. In the vertical bar when the vertical jump. Eyes look multifunction scooters. As far as possible in the middle of the multi-functional scooter, roughly the same and take-off position. If the strength of the fall even when the legs slightly bent, then the impact on the board can easily be offset off the impact.

2, people with the board on the jump

    Slide the driver to slide, close to the obstacle when the knees, the arm pre-swing, the rear foot forced to use the multi-functional scooter front tilt, the use of speed inertia with a multi-functional scooter over the obstacles. Attention to the legs when the buffer action, the center of gravity is always between the feet, legs slightly curved.

3, foot skills:

    A heel

    So that the multi-functional scooter to maintain the appropriate speed, rotating the front foot to the toes of the tail, heel and board side overlap, the focus on the left foot step toe, slowly move the other foot to the front of the multi-functional scooter. When the heel is hanging, the knees are bent to keep the balance.

    B. Onboard rotation skills

    Slide the first slide multi-function scooter. Move the left foot, so that the heel to suppress the end of the board. The center of gravity falls on the big toe and moves the right foot to the other end. Move the center of gravity to the right foot to make it a rotating shaft. Left foot around the right foot clockwise rotation, while the right foot also will rotate, and finally with the left foot to maintain balance.

4, rotating jump skills

    Skateboarding driving glide, multi-functional scooter keep level slightly squatting. Jump up, rotate 180 degrees. If it is to use the push before the slide, jumping when the legs slightly Shoulong. When the distance between the feet about 30 cm. Do not worry about the exact location of the fall, just put your feet on the multi-functional scooter can be both ends.

5, jump jump skills

    Ready to jump, take off when the action is stable, leisurely, jump is easy to control. The length of the jump according to their respective circumstances, falling when the center of gravity between the legs, left foot in front, need two multi-functional scooter.

6, rocker skills

    Push or push the multi-purpose scooter to glide speed. Right foot pedal tail, left foot pedal front end to control, or tread the front wheel rear side so as to rocker. The center of gravity moved to the right foot, the body tilted so that the board end in the air to stay as long as possible. You can let the end of the board or gently scrape to keep the balance.

7, body

    Forward multi-function scooter, or slide down the slope. Feet tied together, placed in the rear of the multi-functional scooter front wheel. Leaning forward, grabbed the front end of the multi-functional scooter. Arms grip the knee, slowly squat, buttocks close to the heel. The body left and right tilt, adjust the side of the board to control the direction.