Multi Scooter How To Buy

Multi Scooter How to buy

Vibrant board, also known as the second skateboard, snake board, dragon board and so on. There are many types, there are common dragon board, bat board, rocket board and so on. This two years of vitality board among the prevalence of children, but the parents how to buy vitality board? Select the vitality board mainly from the child for what kind of vitality board and the quality of the two aspects of the strength board to see how to choose the dynamic board (mainly swimming dragon board, bat board, rocket three most common two skateboard).

● You Long board: the latest one of the two-wheel skateboard.

       ● butterfly board: two skateboards, play and swimming dragon board, the difference is the middle of the torsion bar with high elastic properties of the tendon material production, you can twist around the left and right around. Twist the scope and angle of the larger, so the most suitable for fitness to lose weight.

       ● Lei Long board: two skateboards, play and function and the same dragon, just the different panels, because of its shape resembles Lei Long, so named Lei Long board.

       ● bat board: two skateboards, play and function and the same dragon, the material better and more refined. The panel is as cool as Batman, so called the bat board.

       ● dragon board: four-wheel dynamic board, play and swimming dragon board, like two rounds, easier to learn some.

       ● Kirin board: four-wheel dynamic board, the front can be rope pull, suitable for children.

       ● Shuanglong board: four-wheel split skateboard, one foot one, faster (can be compared to roller skating), 360 degrees in situ circular motion, so the flexibility is better.

       ● drift plate: four-wheel split skateboard, and Shuanglong board, like a foot one. Is the strength of all the strength of the board and the highest degree of difficulty. Material for the aluminum alloy structure, high-strength PU wheel. Its material determines its life, its design determines that it can do a lot of tricks, and forward speed quickly, than the average vitality of the board are much faster, in addition to as a sports equipment, or even as a means of transport.

Vibrant board features

      1, there is a free pleasure of surfing, as if the wind and the line, as if by the dragon soar;

      2, by the body twist and forward, do not need to use the foot sliding, can do all kinds of fancy changes action;

      3, with the torsion movement, can achieve significant weight-loss effect, than the hula hoop also useful;

      4, forward direction arbitrary, turning radius can be within 50 cm, the best at turning;

      5, the size of the site is not limited, even in the diameter of one meter can be done in situ rotation action;

      6, the speed of easy to master, to be slow to control you. Floating in the wind, moving like a shadow;

      7, from the functional point of view, the type has a good fashion;