Multi Scooter Extreme Sport

Multi Scooter Extreme sport

How many people are referring to the "skateboard" when the word is the thought that the body is a primary school students have an adult mind detective Conan it? I believe a lot of people look at Conan in childhood when they imagine their own with Conan can always show off their skateboarding skills, right? The skateboard is a kind of extreme movement, not only that, the skateboard can even be regarded as the originator of the extreme movement history, because as early as the early 1950s and early 1960s, skateboarding had already appeared, and then extended Many other extreme sports. Skateboard type of technology can be divided into swimming pool fancy, street, flat free fancy, semi-pipeline and downhill down the five. The skateboarding techniques include The AerialL (on the slide), The Invert (on the U), The Ollie. So as a beginner, what skateboarding skills can be good learning?

For a skateboarder, the face of the skateboard in addition to excitement, the more should be unfamiliar and fear, so need to pay special attention to the following situations: 1, before the practice to see more relevant information and video. Beginners should not hurry on the board, should be in front of the board to see some basic tutorials on the skateboard video tutorials, etc., so as to minimize the chance of beginners injury. 2, pay attention to the center of gravity. Play a skateboard is a great difficulty is to grasp the center of gravity is not good, especially beginners, the reasons for the fall is basically because of the center of gravity instability. Beginners in the taxi when the sudden loss of the center of gravity, you can use the foot pressure plate or plate end, so that the plate or the end of the plate can be stopped. 3, in fact, playing skateboarding is inevitable, whether it is a beginner or a basic person, because the master must be a skill before the practice. Then we have to do is to minimize the degree of injury. For example, when you practice vacated land is not successful, you should try to curl the body, so that their power area becomes larger. 4, and finally the most basic, when playing the best skateboard to bring protective gear, especially beginners.

Feature / multi-function scooter editing

"DTV Shredder" is a customizable tool whose configuration can be tailored to a specific purpose. In addition, buyers can choose to equip them with machine guns and other weapons, making it a daunting attack vehicle. It can even be remotely operated by an operator to carry out reconnaissance missions in an environment that is too dangerous for a soldier. "DTV Shredder" is powered by a Honda 200cc engine capable of outputting 15 hp and can travel at 30 mph (about 48 km / h) per hour.

It can also climb 40 degrees of slope, turning radius of 4 feet (about 1.2 meters). "DTV Shredder" can even load small trailers behind, can load up to 1200 pounds (about 544 kg) of heavy objects, including the weight of the occupants. "DTV Shredder" was developed by Ben Gulak, a college student studying at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His most famous invention was the Uno motorcycle, which was not a front row, but tied The.