Multi Scooter Can Not Boot How To Do

  Multi Scooter In recent years, with the deteriorating environment, environmental topics gradually enjoys popular support, traffic congestion, car exhaust emissions not only to people's travel inconvenience, but also a threat to people's health, we must start from the source, choose a new type of travel tool. In this way, the electric scooter quietly came to our side. There are also small problems that occur during the ride. Xiaobian and we talk about electric scooters can not boot how to do?

  Multi Scooter Electric scooter can not boot mainly by the following reasons:

1. The battery of the electric scooter is broken. To the electric scooter car plug in the charger, the original can not boot, but in the state of charge can boot, that is the battery problem, you need to change the battery.

2. The scooter of the electric scooter is broken. To the electric scooter car plug in the charger, electric scooter car charger in the state to charge it or can not open the machine, that is, scooter code table is broken, you need to change the code table (Note: Please open the foot of the Pedal, unplug the code table with the controller plug-in, change the new code table to connect the controller to boot. In the pull code table and controller plug-in when the best one-to-one access code table connected to the controller line, to avoid You have the code table controller cable to the wrong).

3. Multi Scooter Electric scooter water. The car in the state of the water, the controller, the battery and other parts of the damage will make the car can not boot. (Note: these cars are not suitable for touching the water, you'd better stay away from the water and rain and the like weather do not ride).