Micro Scooter Major Consumer Groups

Micro Scooter Major consumer groups

First, market research can be used to segment the consumption group, and grasp its age, personality and daily habits. As we double foot scooter through the analysis of the research are the main consumer groups of children aged 3 to 9 years old, took this as a group, analysis summarized some mass characteristics of this group, as its preferences, choice of work and rest time, exercise time, exercise equipment, regular exercise, and spending every year in the sports products and budget.

Second, we know that this age group is usually the product users, rather than the purchaser, the parents often play the role of the buyer, so we have to through the research to understand some of the double foot scooter user guardian habits and rules, such as exercise for children's attitude, is father frequent buyers role or mother, or other guardians and guardians in this budget, and the expectations of the product information. Each piece of information can help us analyze the behavior of our customers.

Third, double foot scooter market research on consumer spending budget analysis data, it is our reasonable according to the regional market conditions to develop the basis of the double foot scooter retail price, it determines the scope of our products can be how people accept, of course we would prefer to set up more than 80% of the people can accept the price, this is relatively a much greater market space.

Fourth, double foot scooter market research analysis, can help us to understand the double foot scooter buyers daily life habits and buying habits, to make us understand the target group of most of the people's favorite place, this will be our choice channel and promotion in the first place, divided into primary and secondary input to for our market.

Fifth, the process of market research of double-step scooter is itself a process of promoting double-step scooters and related brands. The mentioned in the form of questions in the questionnaire about the double foot scooter or the brand name, cause more impressive to the research object, it is easy to let them to secondary focus on the product or brand, or in what they really need to purchase a double foot scooter, they choose your brand.

In addition, to achieve the above mentioned objectives in the market research and analysis of double-step scooter market, it is necessary to compare the design of the market research questionnaire of double-step scooter. On the basis of this, the questionnaire should be sampled by means of scientific sampling. There are many methods of statistical sampling of market research, and the common method is random sampling. The sampling method does not elaborate here, but can find relevant knowledge through the network.

Double foot scooter market research information statistics can rely on the professional statistical software, such as SPSS, or human input, here it is recommended that you try to use the professional statistical software, as long as the relevant sampling input system, you can set various conditions, and can form text, charts, or graphs, and other performance method, let you be clear at a glance.

In the end, no matter we use what way, goal is to get what we want through the analysis of the survey data, and on the basis of these data, combined with the traditional 4 p factors, to scientific statistical analysis and market positioning, let us first to claim a recruit in decision making.