Micro Scooter Main Source

Micro Scooter Main source

Mini scooters are also called frogs, sports cars, scooters. The miniature scooter was invented by foreign inventors, and later improved by security, stability, convenience, flexibility and so on. It has independent intellectual property rights and production rights, so it is named mini scooter. Because the ride looks like a frog swim, so called mini scooter.

        The principle of micro - scooter movement

        Micro-scooter combined with mechanics and ergonomic principles, is today's most safe and stylish sports car. Its structure, safety, flexibility and control are very precise test, the overall shape of durable, can carry 75 kg; use of left and right sliding principle, the use of legs to thrust and inward and inward combination of thrust, natural movement To the usual little sartorius muscle.

        Micro-scooter driving force of the main source and two rear wheels, the two rear wheels set to the caster structure, the movement of the feet were standing on the two pedals, legs repeated to do a move together, two rear wheels Alternating appear "within eight", "outside the eight" shape, the driving force will be generated.

        The Development of Mini Scooters

        The first generation of mini scooters: spring structure

        Pull wheel spring structure

        That is, the two rear wheels of the frog are respectively connected with the spring under the pedal, and the swing angle of the individual wheels is between 30-90 degrees

Flexibility has been greatly limited, sliding more difficult, the speed can not keep up. In addition, because the wheel frame using the spring structure, pedal longer, in order to coordinate the overall appearance, the body is also lengthened, and because it can not be folded, storage to bring some inconvenience.

        Rod spring structure

        Pull wheel spring structure After the birth of the frog, the consumer response is generally bad, and later developed another simple rod spring structure. The car has changed the wheel frame of the wheel spring structure, using a universal wheel frame, so that a single wheel can be rotated 360 degrees, greatly increasing the flexibility. But in order to solve the driving force of the car, then pull a spring between the two bars, the movement of the spring by the rotation force to generate power.

     Trolley spring structure After the birth of the frog, in a period of time very popular. On the one hand is its flexibility to have a greater change, on the other hand this simple car circulation soon. But it is because the rod spring structure of the mini-scooter is very simple, the middle of the spring can not withstand repeated pull up, stability is not guaranteed, can not better show the charm of micro-scooter movement, such as speed, Portable and other features are relatively lacking.