Micro Scooter Folding Scooter

Micro Scooter Folding scooter

This is a look at the face of the times to see people look at the face, said the first impression of the most important, the value of a certain extent, the impact of a person on the value of others to judge their own. Of course, the car is the same, look at the car look at the appearance of this is certainly right. If a wheelbarrow shape cool, innovative design, will certainly let you see more glances. If coupled with strong performance, security and other conditions, it is really want to buy a minute it! Today, Xiaobian give you Amway several market value of high-performance good balance car:

1.10 inch classic models

Two-lamp design innovative body design new concept of fashion, beautiful appearance, superior performance, 10-inch large tires, more suitable for a variety of road, shopping, dating, only a small channel can be free shuttle, so you attract a lot of envy Eyes; German craft, Bluetooth speakers placed in the bottom of the car, connect the phone music allows you to enjoy music in the ride, the release of passion.

2.TT10 inch hand lever balance car

Green travel, simple life. 360-degree ultra-quiet motor, superb than the car technology, low power consumption, power, more power; lithium battery, longer life; built-in safety data logging system, two key components, standby system standby, brake system, let you Travel more secure.

3. Mini foldable scooter

A comprehensive upgrade to give you the latest experience. The leading part of the extension of the force, increased bearing capacity, riding more easily; folding part of the thickening, increase the overall solid frame, more durable, new rear warning lights, brake automatically lights up. Comfortable upgrade, shock absorber fork, seat shock, shock after the wheel, when the mud board with ABS material, riding more stable; life upgrade, high-capacity lithium batteries, discharge efficient and stable, and another standard version of life and respect Enjoy life for you to choose, travel more freedom.

A new type of intelligent vehicle, balance car, which is now a new toy in the hearts of young people by using fuzzy algorithm and gyroscope system to realize the new intelligent vehicle before and after the self-balancing vehicle. A new type of intelligent vehicle, which is based on the aerial posture control principle, uses the fuzzy algorithm and the gyroscope system to realize the self-balancing vehicle before and after, and is now becoming the fresh toy of the young people. Whether it is 20 early students or office workers, are the loyal fans of this balance car. The reason why the balance of the car can be so fire, summed up in the end because of its several major characteristics:

1. Energy saving and environmental protection pull the wind cool

Balance vehicles are the use of power lithium batteries, compared to motor vehicles, charging means of transport of air without any pollution, zero emissions, in line with the country are now advocating green travel, coupled with the appearance of the balance car is very fashionable, riding The street will be attracted to countless years, that is, many young people like it.

2. Light and easy to carry

Many people complained that electric cars and bicycles easily stolen, if not far away and then too lazy to open a private car, to find parking time than driving time is not worthwhile, so many people had to squeeze the bus or walk. These balances can be solved. The weight of the balance of the average weight of the artifacts in the alternative with the upper and lower on the go, you can pick up to carry, easy to carry the situation will not be stolen. Do you want to talk about a private car, how can you walk with a private car? Do you want to drive a private car after dinner? These recreational activities and motor vehicles seem to be irrelevant. But is the bike really okay? Where the bike stops is not safe. Balanced cars can eliminate these shortcomings, the strong nature of the entertainment artifacts at this time must come in handy to fill the distance and long distance between the known balances of the balance is the best tool for daily short distance travel.