Kids Scooter Skateboard Bike

Kids Scooter Skateboard bike

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The new type of hand-driven children's fitness scooter, also known as skateboarding bike, is the most popular children's skateboard in the spring of 2010, the latest wave of the international market, the most fashionable children's fitness skateboarding without pedaling, Its hands pull the rope, you can easily slide and gradually accelerate the speed can be free to grasp; according to the body center of gravity left and right tilt, scooters can be free to turn. Children hand-driven skateboarding gym eight performance characteristics of a simple, easy to operate: people standing (or sitting) in the car, hand gently pull the brake rope, you can easily taxi, free acceleration, turning freely, whether adults or children, short Can be proficient in operation; Second, the use of safety: children's handmade fitness scooter taxi do not need to pedal up and down, hand gently pull the brake rope operation, and a brake device, design science, safe and reliable; Third, 4, small size: the product of light weight, small size, easy to carry out; Fifth, the speed of fast: the speed can be free; the speed of the body can be free The radius of the steering radius can be small, the minimum turning radius of 2 meters; seven, entertainment and strong: a wide range of sliding trajectory, the direction of the body can be easily moved, Can be fast straight, snake, arc glide, 8 word figure taxi, etc., can slide on the slope slow down, entertainment highlights; eight, rich features: health Health needs, entertainment needs and leisure needs is the eternal demand of human beings, children's hand-driven fitness scooters can meet these needs at the same time, is a variety of original products, product vitality and market prospects immeasurable. Children hand-driven skateboarding fitness car, is the latest international market, the most fashionable sports and leisure products. This product has been the international SGS certification, application and has been the Chinese and US market patents. Children hand-driven skateboarding skateboarding without pedaling, people stand or sit on their hands to pull the rope, you can easily slide and gradually speed up, the speed can be freely controlled, according to the body center of gravity tilt, children's hand-driven skateboarding car can freely turn The Children hand-driven skateboarding fitness car suitable for children from the elderly to different age groups of people, especially for primary and secondary school children's leisure sports, training will, exercise and physical balance and flexibility training. Children hand-driven skateboarding exercise car is simple, easy to learn, safe and reliable, ordinary people will soon be able to achieve free drive, easy to slide. Children's scooter brand and domestic manufacturers introduced more well-known domestic and foreign children's scooter brand and manufacturer Domestic: Corolla Little Knight Crown Blue Wizard good boy and other foreign: Michael high MICRO puma and other well-known domestic manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Zhejiang Yongkang area.

Note the editor

1, scooters should be used in a safe place, should not be used in the road and some unsafe areas;

2, must use safety supplies, such as sports shoes, helmets, wrist, etc., do security measures;

3, bad night line of sight, so please do not use:

4 children under the age of 8 must be used in case of protection;