Kids Scooter Scooter Movement

Kids Scooter Scooter movement

Children in the process of growing up, social attributes continue to increase, and outside and social activities continue to occur in various relationships. According to the social adaptability laws of scooter movement, can accelerate the child from the purely natural state gradually become social state of society, because the scooter movement in the child's social adaptation failure can be re-come, to avoid the social life, learning is not Adaptation affects the tragedy of life.

So why children's skateboarding exercise can improve the health of children? How can I take part in the scooter movement to be healthier? The traditional view that the people who participated in the movement of limbs developed, simple-minded, but many scientific proof, reasonable and appropriate scooter movement will not only shape the child's bodybuilding, but also the development of children's psychological quality, but also enhance the child's good quality , Of course, will also teach children how to get along with people. Although the movement has a healthy function, but the movement is not natural to improve health, parents need to observe the wisdom of the scooter movement of various functions, purposefully to help children exercise, so that children in the subtle sense of health.

Playing the scooter, the most used one action is jumping. Experts said that children are in the skeletal development stage, this time the appropriate bounce movement is conducive to children grow taller, and when playing scooters, you can exercise the child's balance and coordination ability, when the skateboarders in the board plate vacated, Coordinate the reaction in time, when the whole body muscles are to help balance. And a lot of jump and slide can also improve heart and lung function, so that the child's legs, arm muscles more powerful, but also effectively stretch the leg ligaments, promote bone development. Skateboarding can also stimulate the brain cell activity and cerebellar development, and children playing scooters when they will create a lot of action, it is also beneficial to their combination of mental and physical, healthy growth. Let the children play in play, promote their healthy growth and physical development, and promote physical and neuromuscular development, improve the body's immune system, enhance heart and lung function, but also conducive to psychological "happy" secretion, so that the body to maintain the mood Pleasure, let the children more confident, more strong. Children's scooter movement is an indispensable part of the healthy growth of children.

Re-understanding the relationship between learning and sports, the healthy growth of children has a positive meaning. Especially children's scooter movement on the child's health has a role can not be ignored. 7 + 1> 8 inequality in the mathematical formula is not established, but in research and practice has been widely recognized by health experts. This inequality tells us: children with 1 hour to participate in children's scooter movement, with 7 hours to learn, the learning effect is better than 8 hours of light learning is better.