Kids Scooter Safe Attention

Kids Scooter Safe attention

What are the safety precautions for children's scooters? When using a children's scooter, the following seven points are needed to keep in mind!

1, scooters should be used in a safe place, should not be used in the road and some unsafe areas;

2, must use safety supplies, such as sports shoes, helmets, wrist, etc., do security measures;

3, bad night line of sight, so please do not use:

4, children skateboard company analysis, children under the age of 8 must be protected in the case of use;

5, before using the first to confirm the screws, nuts for the perfect state;

6, children scooter manufacturers, when used to a certain extent, please replace the new tires, so as to avoid wear and tear caused by tire failure;

7, in order to safety is not free to change the structure; scooter quality determines the cost of shopping shopping, determines the consumer's shopping experience, how to look from the appearance

To judge the quality of the scooter is good or bad?

A good quality scooter, from the appearance point of view generally have to meet the following points: First, the vehicle to be consistent, clean surface, no burrs, no missing parts; from the overall look to coordinate, that is, , The material specifications and so on the coordination of supporting this is not difficult to understand, the body surface requirements clean, that is to say because the scooter to avoid artificial or other reasons should not have some stains; Second, the scooter surface without serious scratches, No color, no edges and corners. If a scooter can clearly see these problems, then it certainly can not be called a good quality scooter a good quality scooter, from the appearance of view, will give a crystal clear, delicate Exquisite feeling, this feeling like the general cottage phone and Apple phone together to compare, we light from the appearance of view, has been able to understand, Apple mobile light from the design, design has been far to win, with excellent The design of the scooter and Apple phone, has not only products, but works of art. Folding children car scooter manufacturers, experts advise parents to promote the child grow up a hormone - growth hormone secretion is 1 hour after the child began to sleep, its secretion is generally from 10 pm to 2 am the most Active, in this time period to sleep, long high effect was the best. Scooter movement can directly promote the secretion of growth hormone, but also to promote the movement of sleep during the growth hormone secretion. At the same time moderate exercise can increase appetite, bring you a healthy sleep, long to help.

Exercise can make people grow taller, play scooter, with the most action is a jump. Experts say that children are in skeletal development stage, this time to carry out the appropriate bounce movement is conducive to children grow taller, and when playing scooters, you can exercise the child's balance and coordination.