Kids Scooter Product Analysis

Kids Scooter Product analysis

Analysis of the product of double step scooter

1. Own products:

The production of double-step scooter needs to continue to maintain the existing quality standards as guidance, to stabilize the quality at a level; The product needs to be divided into the channel situation, and there are various styles for customers to choose from different regions and different sales modes. In order to keep the same product in the industry, we should not ignore the product. In the product material, function, color, packaging, accessories and other aspects of product differentiation and upgrading;

2, competing goods

Competitive products are taking market share in the form of quality approach or exceeding, price preference; Our two-step scooter and competitive products are gradually narrowing in product differentiation. The competition has made a good first impression on the design advantage.

3. Solutions

(1) establish a cooperative relationship with suppliers of spare parts and foreign cocontractors to ensure the stable and sustainable supply chain;

(2) establish internal product installation and quality inspection standards, control the problems in the front line, maintain the quality and stable image;

(3) upgrade the product style and selling points, and separate the difference distance between different styles;

(4) make some input in the design of product appearance, and give professional problems to professionals;

(5) continue to develop 2-3 affordable products to establish our professional and high quality status;

Ii. Price analysis of two-step scooter

1. Reduce the price of a product, as a channel product, to maximize market share and brand influence under the premise of micro-profits;

2, for the best-selling products, products for profit, maintain the stability of price system, not continuously to make some improvements, such as increasing the bell, headlights, bend, or material improvement, such as change in the small details, so as to promote sales.

3. Build a "sniper product" specifically for network channels or holiday limited edition. This product must fully consider the market demand, refine the selling point, add the accessories, highlight the features, distinguish with the existing products.

4. General idea: let different double-step scooters play different roles in the market. Some products don't make money, only make eyeballs; Some products put profits first; Some products are sold only for special channels or occasions. This can effectively avoid price competition and maximize the market, which is the advantage of competitive products in the process of preempting customers.

3. Analysis of the channel of double-step scooter

1, the customer relationship management (CRM) in the first place, build customer relationship management system, will firmly loyal customers, such as in detail to the customer for the record, including information such as age, marriage, children, and every birthday gifts, every day to send blessings;

2, build SAN carlo double foot scooter customer rating system, according to the customer credit, debt collection, accumulation of annual sales, sales, working fixed number of year, the return of the situation and regional brand effect, establish customer rating system. Every year, we will give incentives or incentives to the new products, so that customers will pay more attention to our rating system and strive for the best.

3, double foot scooter relevant traditional sales channel resources are limited, and the competition is intense, need to expand the channels, such as gift channels, network, television shopping, etc., should be involved as much as possible;

Gradually bring the channel control goods to the diary agenda.