Kids Scooter In A Safe Place

Kids Scooter In a safe place

Handle the height to be slightly lower with the child's chest, which is conducive to the baby grip, too high baby is not conducive to control the handlebar, too low to use will feel tired.

 Usually, the handlebar and the body into a vertical direction, only in the corner when only twist the handlebar, if the handlebar is always left or right, the car will circle in a direction, the baby easy to wrestling. Of course, easy to fall with the size of the wheel, the use of materials are also related to the wheel and the material is soft, the greater the role of the buffer, encountered a small ditch or uneven road safety.

  More than three and a half years old children can learn skateboards, before learning, it is best to have a tricycle experience, which makes it easy for the baby to master the handlebar to control the car steering; children use the scooter, the baby can quickly grasp the bike taxi method , Help to ride two wheels in the future bike.

Choose a relatively small place, the ground is relatively flat, preferably asphalt or cement pavement, not in the smooth marble floor to play children's scooters; speed should be moderate. Especially for children who do not play scooters, parents must choose to let the children learn to play scooters, teach them how to balance, how to let the scooter slide up.

Precautions Scooters should be used in a safe place, should not be used in the road and some unsafe areas; must use safety supplies, such as sports shoes, helmets, wrist, etc., good security measures; bad night line of sight, so please do not Use: children under 8 years of age must be used in the case of protection; before using the first to confirm the screws, nuts in good condition; when used to a certain extent, please replace the new tires, so as to avoid tire wear caused by brake failure; Safety is not free to change the structure

  Playing a scooter, the most used one action is jumping. Experts said that children are in the skeletal development stage, this time the appropriate bounce movement is conducive to the child grow taller, and when playing the scooter, you can exercise the child's balance and coordination ability, when the skateboarders in the board vacated, Coordinate the response in time, when the whole body muscles are to help balance. And a lot of jump and slide can improve heart and lung function, so that the child's legs, arm muscles more powerful, but also effectively stretch the leg ligaments, promote bone development. Skateboarding can also stimulate the brain cell activity and cerebellar development, and children playing scooters when they will create a lot of action, it is also beneficial to their combination of mental and physical, healthy growth. So that children play in play, promote their healthy growth and physical development, and promote physical and neuromuscular development, improve the body's immune system, enhance heart and lung function, but also conducive to psychological "happy" secretion, so that the body to maintain the mood Happy, so that children more confident, more strong. Children's scooter movement is an indispensable part of the healthy growth of children.