Kids Scooter Development Path

Kids Scooter development path

Early Child Scooter

        At least 100 years ago, the original children's scooters had been hand-made in industrialized cities. A common handmade children's scooter is a wheel loaded with skates at the bottom of a board, with a handle, a leaner body, or a simple pivot connected by a second board. , With 3-4 inch (75-100 mm) wheels and steel ball bearings. Another "advantage" of this structure is that the noise is great, like a "real" car. Another structure is a metal skates into two parts before and after the middle of the connection by the wooden beams.

        Aluminum children's scooter

        In the late 1990s, a more stylish, narrower folding children's skateboard was invented by Wim Ouboter of Switzerland's Micro Original Scooters and kickboards. As the children's scooter became popular in Japan, his invention was copied by JDBug and many other companies. From 1999 to 2000, children's scooters began to pop in the United States, there have been a variety of colors and styles. Popular brands include Razor and Micro cards, which are still in production, loved by young children and children's scooters performing stunt market.

        "Adult" folding children scooter

        Designed for adults, folding children's scooters, in order to be more convenient and practical, tend to be more durable, with wider and longer pedals, larger wheels and brakes. Such as Xootr, has a 180 mm (7.1 inch) wheel and a pedal designed for adults.

        Large wheel children scooter

        Athletic children's scooters use bicycle wheels and are not foldable. Some are used for practical purposes in densely populated urban areas, faster than folding scooters, more convenient than bicycles. Some are used for off-road use. Popular brands include Sidewalker and Diggler. The appearance of the Finnish Kick bike in 1994 changed the perception of the car. Kick bike has a large standard size bike front wheel and much smaller rear wheels, ride faster.

        In addition to travel, sporting races and off-road use, the wheeled children's scooter is ideal for Dog scootering - a dog or a group of dogs like an Eskimo dog, like a sled in the snow, pushing a children's scooter forward. Today, you can see many "skateboarding" similar to children's scooters, such as Kickspark.

        Four wheel children scooter

        In 2006, a company named Nextsport began producing four rounds of children's scooters, known as Fuzions. Fuzions are bigger and heavier than Razor and Micro. The early Fuzion had larger, wider wheels and very large pedals. Unlike its predecessor, later children's scooters, such as the Fuzion NX, have smaller, more rugged wheels and a 360 degree rotating handlebar.

        In rare cases, the freestyle children's scooter rider converted the standard aluminum child scooter to a four-wheeled child scooter. Russia's Timur Mamatov was the first to do so. This method of modification of children's scooters is not popular.