Kids Scooter Children Twins

Kids Scooter Children twins

Children's bike and frog scooter which car fun some

Children's bike is the last two years to develop new products, just started to export-oriented, very few in the domestic sales. The last year began to appear in some places in the country, so the exposure is very small, many parents and children do not know there is such a scooter, so in the square to see playing treadmill children still very little. But not with the table children do not like. After a number of public occasions in the test and field experience, concerned about and experience the dual scooters of the child is still quite a lot. On the one hand because it is novel, there is a double tread ride is very simple, the speed is relatively slow, so play more secure, some children like to play this car.

Frog-style scooters are sold in the domestic market ten years ago. But in recent years the production of frog-style scooters manufacturers and more, and after several improvements, the current frog-style scooters have been improved several generations. Currently on the market common frog skateboard type spring-type frog scooter, synchronous gear frog scooter, synchronous connecting rod frog scooter, and double rear brake safety frog scooter. Overall, frog-style scooters play faster and faster, learning is also relatively low. Operation is relatively flexible, this car focus on speed.

To say that double treadmill and frog scooter which fun, I believe that children of small age, such as 3-8 year old children can consider playing about double treadmill, mainly to exercise and exercise balance, do not pursue a sense of speed, Mainly to stimulate the child's interest, so that they are interested in sports, every day to exercise for a while. 8-year-old children can consider playing frog-style scooters, this car is relatively more play, the speed is also a little better.

For the same point, double trams and frog skateboards are three wheels of the scooter, have fitness entertainment. The difference is not the same as the principle of movement, double treadmill when the legs in a three-dimensional exercise to do up and down. The frog scooter is moving in a horizontal plane. Therefore, the proposed choice of treadmill or frog scooter to the child's age and personality characteristics as a reference.

Now children's bike is more and more popular, and in many places have seen children playing, but to buy a bike to the children to pay attention to what? Here I am all support it.

Buy children's bike first to choose a good brand. After all, a double treadmill is a new product, many manufacturers are beginning to involve the production of this product, product quality is not guaranteed, and some manufacturers of after-sales service is not perfect, often a problem can not be dealt with in a timely manner, to the consumer Big trouble. Therefore, only focus on the brand of products and manufacturers is our first choice. Double treadmill manufacturers - Yongkang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of double tires products, sold around the world. At present, has begun to focus on the construction of domestic brands, so the brand can be used as the first choice.