EM Kids Scooter Professional Scooter

EM Kids Scooter Professional scooter

Scooter is a child's toy. Children often ride a scooter to exercise the flexibility of the body, improve the speed of response, increase the amount of exercise, strengthen the body resistance. Although scooters can be fitness, but also not what people can play. Experts advise that children under the age of 8 should not play scooters, some brands of scooters have been marked on the instructions: the proposed use of over 8 years of age. For other age children, scooters may also cause accidental injury.

Children's scooters are nowadays a fashionable sports and leisure tool, loved by the majority of children.

Children's scooters are suitable for children around 3-5 years of age.

Children's scooter is a few years ago in China after the popularity of another children's sports fitness toys.

The predecessor of the children's scooter is a more professional scooter improved.

The scooter is a new type of sporting product after the skateboard, the name of the Scooter (Bicman), the speed can reach 20 km / h, this new product comes from the world advanced technology in Japan, but it is a German workers invented, it is a simple labor-saving machinery.

As early as three years ago, scooters have been introduced into China, but the price was too high, few people interested in it. Until this time, its price suddenly dropped, coupled with the producers to increase its crazy to sell, make it "popular big Wang", the most important thing is to play scooters must have a high degree of understanding and courage, which is in line with imaginative , Like the challenges of young people tastes, now scooters have become a new generation of young people trend sports products. Can be seen, its charm is not inferior to the skateboard Oh!

At the beginning, help the wall or rely on other people to help, stand, practice how to grasp the balance.

method one:

First one foot in the skateboard front, the other foot on the ground, sliding forward. Then, the other foot is on the back of the skateboard. By the waist and two thighs swing around, making the skateboard direction called S word.

Method 2:

At the same time pedal skateboard front and rear parts, and then instantly forward the body, with inertia before he, movement, glide. Then, by the waist and two thighs of the left and right swing, and left and right called pedaling, making the skateboard direction S word.