Children's Accessories Buying Guide-toys Scooter

Toy scooters, also known as Scooter, is for body weight does not exceed 50kg rides for children play a simple labor-saving machinery. Toy scooters can enhance children's sense of balance and body coordination ability, by the children's favorite, but because of the sport is fast if used improperly or unreasonable structure design, easily lead to accidents.

When purchasing and using toy Scooter, pay attention to the products of mechanical and physical safety risks, and identifies missing warning information, and so on.

First, check toys scooter product manuals and product marks are complete, attention to the applicable age and maximum load weight, choose regular channels to buy appropriate products to avoid buying "three noes" products.

Second, check the toy skateboard handlebar and handlebar length adjusting mechanism to lock, with a braking device, observe the folding mechanism, handlebars, steering, foot plates, axles and other parts for visible deformation or damage.

Third, checks on toys scooters rigid circular holes, collapsed, or whether the gap between the moving parts prone to injury in children.