Ce 2 Wheel Kick Scooter Technical Action

Ce 2 Wheel Kick Scooter technical action

The difference between skateboard and scooter

Scooter with our usual skateboard is not a word so simple Oh!

In the technical action, the skateboard and scooter is actually two different things, playing the skateboard is much more difficult, not only the action pattern, and the action is very cool, some such as the feet take the board take off, kick the action scooter do not do Scooters can play fancy little. And believe that the bell will see ESPN X-GANE friends. Inside the skateboard master to do the action that more beautiful, from the high platform slide, and then leveraging the somersault, you can volley pull skateboard and then back, wow, really amazing! And the scooter, there is a control lever, compared with the skateboard, the skateboard is the balance of the body with the body or leveraging force to make a variety of actions, the difficulty is certain; and scooter it, and small You can rely on hand to pull the front swing direction, do the action is much simpler, easy to get started is its strengths. But unfortunately, into also Xiao He, defeated Xiao He. That is the bar that affects the scooter can not do complex action.

In the car "stature" on the skateboard is four wheels, before and after the two, because the cross-section of the board, so four rounds to balance, scooters on the relative pocket point, only before and after the two wheels Can keep balance. Summary, regardless of the wheel or body, skateboard is more than the scooter "fat" Oh. But in terms of evolution, the scooters should be regarded as a skateboard upgrade version of it There is the same, the scooter is the same as the skateboard is the same! In fact, the skateboarder has a lot of evolutionary version, read the "Tokyo Raiders" friends, will remember Liang Chaowei playing electric scooter, it is another evolution slightly. In the previous well-known comic "my love God "In the popular degree of skateboarding in fact, in Europe and the United States and Japan are very popular, but now the scooter is covered by the limelight, because the scooter is easier to get started than the skateboard, And can be installed assembly, so its popular around the world. So that scooters are more popular than skateboards now. At the level of adaptation, although the skateboard can play a lot of money, but difficult to get started, the requirements are relatively high, so are only suitable for some 15,16-year-old youngster, age requirements strict points. But the scooter is different, down to 4 years old, up to 40 years old, can play. And play scooters, in addition to the trend of the youngster, the young lady is also a ** age group. Quote a Japanese magazine: a lot of teachers will be converted into a scooter can buy vegetables and children's nanny car.