Big Wheel Kick Scooter For Adults Transportation

Big Wheel Kick Scooter for Adults transportation

How to choose adult scooter (city scooter)

Adult scooters can be used as a short distance of the means of transport, faster than walking, do not worry about traffic jams, and exercise, fun, usually go to work, shopping, the park is a good choice. In Europe and the United States has been very common.

Damping: Select adult scooter must choose double shock absorber scooter, can effectively reduce the use of the process of vibration and bumps, improve comfort. The quality of shock absorption is also important

Pedal: Currently on the market pedal there are four main materials: plastic, all iron, semi-iron semi-aluminum, all aluminum. It is recommended that you choose the aluminum pedal, because the aluminum pressure than iron strong. Brakes: brakes are located in the rear of the top of the wheel, buy time to use a pedal, check to see if the brakes are flexible, brakes in the post, the protection of the event when the focus of the backwards, greatly reduce the accident. Handrail: must have a sponge, not only can shock, but also sweat anti-skid, remove the security worries. Wheels: the size of the wheel directly affect the speed, the current general is 20CM wheel, the wheel wear level is also very important

Currently on the market, good quality scooters are Decathlon, Senbao Di and other brands, but the price of Decathlon is a bit high. Misunderstanding: some parents to the larger children also choose adult scooters, in fact, is not necessary, there are special young skateboarders, than children's skateboards smaller than adult skateboards smaller.


With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, fitness, leisure, entertainment has become an indispensable part of people's lives, a variety of entertainment and fitness equipment continue to emerge, which is undoubtedly one of the popular low-end products, it is both entertaining , The challenge, but also has the effect of fitness, it is well known that he mainly includes the upward tilt of the pedal, pedal of the bottom of the installation of the wheel, when driving, one of the feet on the scooter, the other foot back, Using the friction between the shoe and the bottom, the scooter slides forward under the action of the reaction, the scooter has good fitness performance, but its speed is not high; with the development of technology, the market open one It is mainly powered by electric energy. It is designed to make full use of the principle of gyroscope. It mainly controls the forward and backward speed by means of gyroscope, which is mainly used in electric power, which is mainly used in electric power, As well as the direction of the turn, the kind of product has a better entertainment, but also has the function of travel, more suitable and On behalf of the traffic congestion, environmental pollution and other environment. Following the Ping Heng sheet is odd skating car, then a car Spin has a huge impact on the invention of outdoor sports travel, sports mode which also reached the former can not achieve diversity, can the human potential movement and thinking manifested more extreme!