Scooter, cheap has hidden danger

Spring, suitable for outdoor scooter and the hot-selling, but consumers are reflected, some scooters bought and played two or three times he failed even completely damaged. Reporters in the interview that, in particular, some low-price scooters, metal parts, plastic parts are soft and thin, quality and safety is indeed worrying.

"A few days ago bought, only play two or three times, now have handlebar steering not smooth, pedal some deformation! "Consumers told reporters in an interview yesterday, said," the price is very cheap, only more than 60 Yuan, but did not expect such poor quality. "Coincidentally, the interview, the reporter also learned that many spend dozens of Yuan to buy a scooter around hundred consumers have experienced similar issues, some only use it a few times, handlebars, wheels, bearings, and other key parts on the issue, and some poor scooter pedal at the bottom material, slightly cracked or deformed after impact.

It is reported that AQSIQ defective products Management Center recently issued a consumer warning pointed out that when purchasing a scooter in addition to choose regular channels for regular brands, also need to check whether the key parts of the car body welding solid, easy to pinch the finger holes of the child small gaps, whether non-slip pedal, brake and so on.