Scooter buying public safety problems are often overlooked by parents

Summer is coming, people in some parks and see a lot of kids in the square where the sliding wheels, skateboard car. Scooter because safety is relatively higher than in the pulley, so welcomed by children. Some young children are small school skateboarding, but reporters saw their preventive measures are inadequate.

Recently, the authority on the scooter on the market carry out quality inspection, found that eight children's Scooter, physical properties do not have a car that can reach the national standard, main wheels and body clearance failed, pedal clearance of stands and unqualified and so on. In an interview with reporters found that scooter has become as small as four or five years, to more than 10 years one of favorites in children's toys, and children's Scooters in the market price of uneven quality. Industry insiders remind, when purchasing a scooter, in addition to safety performance, but playing defense is also very important. Best to do a warm-up exercise, wear knee pads, elbow pads, helmets and other defensive equipment. In addition, buying regular brands, and would rather pay a little more money, but also to regular store bought brand, to ensure the safety of children.