Practice electric scooter should be on how to avoid injuries

Electric Scooter styling is different, from the most basic treadle, derived from a number of distinctive electric scooters. For example some more comfortable riding electric scooters for the user will choose to increase the seat design, the benefit of this is that users can appropriate bicycling distance increases, that it would not stand for long periods and more tired, lack on portability is also greatly reduced.

Learn to skateboard wrestling is inevitable, that's most likely to fall part. Pu Zhichao introduction, parents have to teach their children to learn wrestling master wrestling injuries to a minimum.

Analysis of electric scooter manufacturers, fall forward or to the side: active knee squats, using his hands to cushion and reduce fall; backward-fall: active knee squat, lowering the center of gravity, and try to let the hips sit and bow Tuck, avoid knock the head backward. In addition, fell straight single hand should be avoided, it is easy to damage the wrists. If sliding into the gravel, water Beach to try to focus on the heel, Plaid, keep going straight down or across.