Electric Scooter top 5 travel advantage

With people convenient travel needs of increasingly growth, electric skateboard car by has more more more more young of love, except portable, and operation convenient, and speed fast, advantages, for those like attempts to different life experience of friends for, select electric skateboard car travel, to life added has more of fun; and for has commute travel needs of people for, this may is currently for most light of short distance travel tool one of. View electric scooter is best for travel within 3-5 km of walking, not only high efficiency, but also to avoid the traffic jam of annoyance. Electric Scooter has gradually emerged in China at the moment, we say its advantages.

First, small and portable

Foldable body and body design of less than 1 m to ensure lift, car trunk to enter into.

Second, strong battery life, power

Large capacity battery, to support the 50 km range using RWD 500W high power motor, ensuring a strong driving force and climbing ability.

Three interconnected, intelligent modules

Addition of intelligent modules, electric scooter you can bind its own app, public, real-time view of one course, and security alarm, start, a key lock, with a strong intelligence, triple lock encryption, make the car safer.