Beginners skateboarding tips

How to play children's Scooter, what skills?

Method one: one foot in front of the skateboard, another foot step ground forward. Then another foot on the rear of the slide. On the waist and two large swing of the leg makes skateboarding direction said the s word.

Method two:

While pedal-powered skateboards parts before and after, and then instantly leaned forward, with inertial movement who earlier in his, glide. Then, two large swing of the leg and waist, as well as pedaling around and makes the direction s skateboards. In the use of skateboards, they also do not forget to take good care, and to try to extend the life of skateboarding. To try to avoid overloading when using skateboards, avoid water and is used in a dusty environment, avoiding collisions, beaten and violently crushed three to avoid, so as to avoid skateboard unnecessary damage.

Scooter how to play, is not the key, key children can exercise flexibility and reaction speed, increased physical activity, strengthening the body resistance and improve children's brains.